Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 Celebration of Books

I had the most amazing time at OSU Tulsa yesterday. I went with my friend, Angela, to the 2010 Celebration of Books. It was fate that I found out about the event... pure luck.

The day started out early. I picked up Angela and we were on the road by 6 am. We made our way to Tulsa and got there around 8. I am glad we were early because there was some construction, which we had to navigate around. We finally made it to the OSU Tulsa campus, which is lovely. A kind man directed us in the right direction and we went inside to register.

The first class we attended was an interview with Carlotta Walls LaNier. For those of you who do not know, she was the youngest member of the Little Rock Nine. We were lucky enough to hear her speak about making civil right history by attending Little Rock Central High School for the first time, escorted by over 1000 members of the US Army in 1957. Her story moved me more than I can describe.

The next class was called "All in the Family" with the amazing PC Cast, Billie Letts, and Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey. Great panel with a lot of laughing. I love hearing those ladies speak! So inspiring!

Our third class was "Plot and Structure", which was a writing workshop with William Bernhardt. This man is brilliant! His method was easy to understand and I got a ton of notes! He invited me to take his class in OKC, which I am going to think about.

Angela and I got some lunch and walked around the building for a bit. I purchased a signed copy of "The Secret Lives of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd. I wasn't able to meet her, but I was glad to get a signed book none the less.

After lunch, we went to the Q&A with Marly Rusoff, who is a Literary Agent from New York. I got some pointers in this one, but it seemed a little rushed.

The fifth class of the day was an interview with music legends Jim Halsey and Wanda Jackson. Wanda was just too cute and talked briefly about dating Elvis Presley. Someone asked if he was a good kisses and she answered that, yes, he was... but she married a better kisser (her husband was in the audience. It was too cute!!)

The last event of the day was the Finale with PC Cast, Kristen Cast, and Seoras Wallace. It was a wonderful way to end the day!! Congratulations to PC and Seroas!!!!

Angela and I then packed up and headed home. WHAT AN AMAZING DAY!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Adam Lambert and Orlando Bloom

On Friday night I went to see Adam Lambert at the Bricktown Events Center. He was amazing in person! He would dance when he was singing and it was too cute. I cant wait to see him again in September.

Today (Saturday) my friends and I celebrated our 6th "Orliversary". Let me give you a back story here. 6 years ago Orlando Bloom was in OKC filming 'Elizabethtown'. On that fateful day my little sister and I went to the filming site hoping to meet him. While we were waiting we began to talk to a girl who was also there to meet Orlando. A little later a guy joined us. And then another girl and soon her sister.

We all were able to meet Orlando Bloom that day, but what is more important is that we all kept in touch and became very close friends. So each year we all get together and go back to the filming site where we all met and just remember. This year we buried a time capsule, which there is a video of.

What it boils down to is you never know when you are going to meet someone who is going to change your life forever. And I am so thankful that they are in my life!!!

Love to Abby Kate, Yousef, Lindsay, Maegan, and Sammie!! <3