Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting Close To The End

I have been working on a new manuscript and I am happy to say that I am almost finished with it! This one has been tough for me because it has taken me out of my comfort zone. I am very excited about it, though.

Once I finish, I will go through and edit it. Then I will go through and have my critique partner look at it. She is just amazing, by the way! She always catches things that I didn't notice, like things that don't flow.

Then I am going to send it out. For this one (Because of the type of genre it is) I am going to submit right to a publisher instead of an agent. I do hope to get an agent one day, but for now I feel this is the right path.

So, with any luck I will be sending it off in about a month. Woot!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Favortie Wrestler...

Okay, so I have been slacking on the actual “Wrestling Wednesday” posts. So here you go… a wrestling post! ;-)  ((Yeah, i'm aware its not tech wednesday, but its close enough!)) 

Still not sure where to start. As I said before, I have been going to WWE Live events since I was 16, so there are ton of memories to choose from. My niece thinks I should let her pick, but I know which ones she would pick lol. They include a WWE road trip where she got to meet SpongeBob Squarepants. She was 6, lol. She even took a picture with him!

Let’s see… I met my first wrestler when I was 16, at a K-Mart store. That was… interesting, lol.  I am not going to post the picture, but believe me when I say it is bad. I was wearing PURPLE eye shadow… I am not even kidding. And my hair *laughing* had never seen a flat iron. Ah, youth.

I have been lucky enough to meet some of the greats, too. (See my post about meeting the Undertaker. Great memories)

My favorite wrestler to meet (without a doubt) has been Batista. We met in 2005 and he definitely provided some wonderful wrestling memories. I was sad to see him retire about a year ago, but glad he chose to pursue other goals in life.

Now he has a twitter (yay) so everyone can keep up with him: @Real_DBautista