Friday, May 17, 2013

Messy Sheets with Hasty Words

Today, the wonderful Hasty Words is visiting my blog and she's brought us all a special treat... One of her amazing poems. I've been blessed to call her a friend and i hope you all enjoy her poetry as much as I do!

*** Hasty says that this poem is in honor of my journey in writing erotic romances. ***

Messy Sheets

Tangled up in
Messy sheets
Clothes ripped
Shredded and torn
Lying scattered
On the floor
Wild passions
Breaking silence
Give me what I need
Let’s leave love
Out in the hall
Dive in deep
Stay down low
Until you just can’t
Breathe anymore
Filling empty spaces
Muscular tension
Dissolving stresses
Everything you want
Is everything I need
Feed your desire
Grabbing hungry
Every part of me

By: Hasty Words

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Anonymous said...

Love this. I also liked the post and comments on the original site.