Monday, May 16, 2011

The Bug That Wouldn't Die

Now, before you get mad at the title of my post, I'm not talking about a real bug. No, I'm talking about something MUCH worse. A Virus. *shudders*

So let me give you a little breakdown of how last week went...
Mother's Day... A Day when we celebrate our Mothers. Well, not at our house. The "BUG" had clearly snuck into our house while we slept and attacked my innocent niece. Around one in the morning, she comes rushing past my bedroom and goes into her Mother's room.

"Mom!" she cries. "I'm sick. I threw up all over the floor! I am so sorry!"

She is now sobbing. My sister gets up and goes to comfort my niece and also clean up the floor. Side note: The "BUG" must have loved it that my niece had ate some chocolate ice cream earlier... YUCK.

As the day goes on, it is clear that the "BUG" is not going to leave my niece alone. We cancel our lunch plans with the rest of our family and decide to stay home. We didn't want to give the "BUG" a chance to attack anyone else.

The house was eerily silent on Monday. My niece was feeling much better (But still stayed home from school, just in case). My Dad came over to watch her and my sister and I went to our jobs. Even when we got home things were still good. My niece ate some solid food and all was looking up...

*cues ominous music*

But.. the "BUG" had been waiting... waiting for us to let our guards down. And who did the "BUG" attack next? My poor, helpless baby nephew! The poor guy got sick and couldn't keep any formula down and he was NOT liking the Pedialite we were giving him. And each time he was sick, I know the "BUG" was laughing... and plotting.
My niece felt so bad. "I got the baby sick!" she said with tears in her eyes.

We tried explaining it wasn't her fault when the "BUG" made its next move. My sister jumped to her feet.

"I am going to be sick!" she exclaimed as she ran to the bathroom.

Oooookay. Everyone was sick, but me. I took in a deep breath. I was going to be fine. I don't get sick. I'm not one of those people...

Okay, I am totally one of those people, I guess, because at one in the morning the "BUG" attacked me and didn't let me go. And the irony... I had ice cream before I went to bed. YUCK!!!

So the day was a blur of rushing past my sister to the restroom to be sick. And sleeping where there was not rest. Fevers... chills...


I was able to drag myself off to work, which was not fun. I then found out that my other sister had been attacked by the "BUG".

Thursday was better, but I still wasn't at 100%.

The "BUG" had moved onto my Dad and to my little sister's boyfriend.

My lord! When will this "BUG" die!?!!?

No word from the "BUG". I can only imagine who he has moved on to.

*** An Update: The EVIL "BUG" moved onto the baby-sitter and her entire family. Sheesh!***

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Sam said...

What Sarah forgot to merton was that I got the big on mon too lol so all 3 sisters were sick on mon lol. That bug sucked soooooo bad too!