Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wrestling Buddies

Hey all! Happy Wrestling Wednesday! (This might become the next internet sensation, you never know!)

Today, I am going to tell you how Wrestling has given me some of my dearest friends. Let me explain. When you go to a live event, you are usually with at least one person that you know. I mean, who wants to go alone!

When I first started going to live events, my older sister and my BFF at the time went with me. My Dad INSISTED that my sister went with me because he didn’t think it was safe. That was fine with me, though she was more than glad when she didn’t have to go with me. I was just happy to be there!

At one of my first shows, I met “Blair” and we hit it off. She was older than I was and had met so many wrestlers, so I was in awe. Through “Blair”, I also met “May” and “Kasey”. The three of us went to many shows for a few years and I met other friends because of them.

“Kasey” and I went to a show together and I met my current BFF. LOL we were both at the elevators and she asked me if a certain wrestler had just walked by. I replied “Yes Ma’am” and we were friends after that. It was just a random moment that brought us together.

 My BFF and I went to a few shows with “Blair”, but that didn’t last long. Then my BFF and I met “Hailey” through a fellow wrestling pal. “Hailey” even came to Arkansas where we all went to a House Show (non-televised event) and sat in the front row. It was one of the best shows that I have ever been to for so many reasons.

My BFF and I also met some wonderful gals during at trip to Tennessee. Our most current friends were made at another House Show in Arkansas. “Sparkle” and “Glam” were sitting next to us and a rowdy fan brought us together. They live close by so we have been able to keep in touch.

Some other friends that I have met through wrestling include: A GOAT, An Ohio Hardy Fan, A Clown, and A young man and his mom.

It just amazes me how easy it is to meet people and make friends by just having one thing in common. Don’t get me wrong, there are also people that you meet who you never talk to again, but I cherish the friends that have been true.

It just goes to show: you never know when you will meet someone who will change your life!


Metsy said...

Am I "Sparkle" or "Glam"? LOL *big hugs*

Sarah said...

I'd say sparkle because you light up a room! Miss ya girlie