Sunday, September 18, 2011

Old Poem and old memories

I was cleaning out my closet when i came upon my old poetry notebook. Yes, i dabble in poetry. Sometimes it helps me clear my mind or helps me get something out of my system. I'm not claiming to be a poet laurent here, but i like them lol.

Anyway, here is one that i wrote when i was a teenager. I am pretty sure it was about my crush and how he didnt notice me (but i dont remember his name, so must not have been love ;) ) Gosh, i was so angsty!

I was stupid for wanting
Stupid for feeling
Stupid for hoping
Stupid for needing
When will I learn
When will I see
That no matter what
Some things will never be
It was fun while it lasted
It was too good to be true
I should have known
I wasn’t good enough for you
I try not to take it personally
I try not to take it to heart
But you have it down, you see
Almost like a painful art
I was stupid for wanting
Stupid for feeling
Smart for growing
And somehow I am dealing

LOL i hope you all enjoyed this little sample! Maybe one day i will publish a poetry book, but i seriously am not holding my breath lol!

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