Sunday, November 25, 2012

How do you make a tissue dance? Put a lil boogie in it…

The other day I picked my two-year-old nephew up from his Grandpa’s house. My Dad thought it was a great idea to give my nephew a magnet shaped like a car since my nephew liked it. It was big enough that I wasn’t worried about him swallowing it and I figured he would drop it when we got in the car, like he usually does with his toys.

So I am driving and I glance over my shoulder. My nephew is staring at something between his fingers very intently. Right away I think that he has somehow broken a piece of the magnet off. Well, crap. I can’t pull over, so I reach behind my seat and hold out my hang.

“Give it to Sarah.” I say as I glance in the mirror again.

I can see the debate etched across his face. He likes whatever he is holding and doesn’t want to give it up. Finally, he reaches forward and puts something in my hand. I pull my hand back and look to see what he placed there.

Good God, it is quite possibly the biggest booger I have ever seen in my life! And it’s in the palm of my hand. I grab a tissue and wipe my hand, still grossing out.

My nephew laughs gleefully from the backseat and I look over my shoulder again to see his grinning face.

Well… I did ask for it, I suppose.

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