Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Sir, we DON’T play pranks at this Hotel!”

  In a previous post I talked about how I have met some of my best friends through wrestling events. The really great thing is when I am able to travel with my friends and, of course, go to an event. To me, that is where the true memories happen.

  In 2007 my two friends and I decided to go to a PPV event in St. Louis, Missouri. We flew in the day before the PPV so that we could go to a House Show, which we love going to.

  Yousef and I both flew in from Oklahoma and Terrica flew in from Arkansas. Since Yousef and I arrived first, we went to our hotel to check in. The hotel was amazing and was located in an old train station. And our room was on the club level, so it was extra fancy.

  The hotel room was large with a bathroom to die for. We had a window that overlooked the mall that connected to the hotel. Everything in the room was meant for luxury. Yousef pointed out that there was a phone by the bed. There was a phone on the desk. And there was a phone in the bathroom.

  After Yousef and I checked in, we went back to the airport to meet Terrica. We got our rental car and drove to Rolla, MO for the House Show. After the event, we drove back to St. Louis and then called it a night.

  The next day Terrica and I were lying on the bed watching TV while Yousef was getting ready for the PPV.

***I have talked to him about the moment several times, so I am going to go into his point of view for the next part ***

I was in the bathroom getting ready while the girls watched TV. I looked over at the phone and the urge to play a joke took over. I picked it up and dialed #422. Nothing happened, so I hung up and tried again.

This time the phone began to ring and a man answered the phone.

“Front Desk. How may I help you?”

I licked my lips, “Um… can you connect me to my friend’s room?”

“What is the name of the guest you are trying to reach?”

I tell them Sarah’s name and I can hear the man typing.

“Sir, do you know the room number of your friend?”

I reply, “Yes, 422.”

There was a long pause and the man finally says in a dry tone, “Sir, you are IN room 422. We cannot connect you if you are IN the room.”

I feel my face flushing red and I stammer out, “Uh, I wanted to play a joke on her. Sorry.”

I hang up and begin laughing.

His tone clearly implied one thing:

“Sir, we do NOT play jokes at this hotel!”


When Yousef came out of the bathroom he was laughing. He told us about the joke he tried to play and Terrica and I begin laughing, too.

To this day, whenever there is a phone in the bathroom at a hotel we all giggle a little. It is moments like this that always shine through and give us all something to remember and smile about. J

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