Monday, March 28, 2011

Author Crushes

I have something to admit… I have a few Author Crushes. These are people who I read anything and everything that they write! I have been lucky enough to meet some of them, too. (I’m sure I came off as star struck lol)

Here are my top 10 Author Crushes:
1. P.C. Cast- OMG P.C. is amazing! I have met her (and her daughter, Kristen, before). She writes the YA series ‘House of Night’ as well as some wonderful romance books.
My favorite book is: Goddess of Spring.

2. Crystal Inman (aka C’Ann Inman)- I picked her book up by chance at a local writing convention. And then I found her on myspace and we became friends. She has been a great help to me!
My favorite book is: What He Wants

3. Jordan Dane- I met Jordan at the same local writing convention I mentioned above. She was funny and charming! When I went to the same convention two years later, Jordan was there and remembered me! I was in shock! I found her on Facebook and we have kept in touch. Jordan is truly an amazing person and has helped me the most with my writing. I am lucky to count her as a friend and a mentor. Oh! And I cant wait to read her new YA novel ‘In the Arms of Stone Angels!’
My favorite book is: No One Heard Her Scream

4. Rachel Vincent- I found one of Rachel’s books at Wal-Mart and became a fan. Her ‘Shifters’ Series is just amazing as well as her YA ‘Soul Screamer’ Series.
My favorite book is: Alpha (the last Shifters book)

5. Susan Elizabeth Phillips- Oh my! Where to begin! I almost got to meet her, but the weather was bad and I couldn’t go. *cries* I hope to meet her one day!
My favorite book is: Nobody’s Baby But Mine

6. Jennifer Ashley- Her books never fail and always make me smile!
My favorite book is: The Mad, Bad Duke (this book is honestly one of my favorite books ever! There is one line that I love that is said in a love scene. HOT HOT HOT!!!)
7. Gena Showalter- I met Gena at a local Borders at a book signing. She was too sweet!
My favorite book is: The Nymph King

8. Jill Monroe- I met her at the same signing as I met Gena, which is not surprising. Gena and Jill are great friends and have done several signings together in my city. Her books are very steamy!
My favorite book is: SEALed and Delivered

9. Lora Leigh- Her books are also very steamy! My sister actually found a book by her and then passed it onto me. And I loved it so much that I went out and bought my own copy!
My favorite book is: Dangerous Games

10. Lois Duncan- I first read one of her books when I was in the seventh grade and her writing stuck with me. I mean, it REALLY stuck with me. A lot of her books are hauntingly beautiful. I love all of her books, too, so it was hard to pick just one… but I did.
My favorite book is: Locked in Time

Who is your favorite Author or what is your favorite Book? Let me know! And I hope you all check out some of the books I mentioned above!!


Sam said...

I totally agree with the PC Cast, Gena Showalter & Lori Leigh lol...Walmart seels anything now-a-days lol...Dangerous Games is DEF my fav book by her!!!I died a little when I read it lol

Sarah said...

LOL good find on that one!