Monday, March 14, 2011

Music Behind The Words

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… writing is a job and it takes work. Don’t get me wrong, its nothing like my day job (which really isn’t that bad), but sometimes it is hard to come home and write.

Let me give you a little breakdown.
* I get up at 4am M-F
* I work from 5am to 2pm
* I come home and do things around the house, which also includes laundry, dishes, babysitting my baby nephew and 11 year old niece, homework with niece, taking a lil nap, making sure everyone gets a shower and dinner, checking emails and facebook…

Okay, you get the point. I do a lot when I get home. (did ya notice there was a nap thrown in there? I HAVE to get a nap, or I would go to bed at 7pm! I’m not kidding. 7pm!)

So doing all those things and then sitting down to write can be hard. (Sometimes its not. Sometimes I can sit down and write away.) But most of the time I have to make my creative juices flow.
And this is how I do it… I put my Beats by Dr Dre headphones on (which are noise canceling!) and then turn on my iTunes to my Writing playlist. The playlist has a variety of songs that inspire me.

Some inspire EMOTION, such as:
You Won’t Be Mine- Matchbox Twenty
I Will Not Bow- Breaking Benjamin
In The Darkness- Dead by Sunrise

Some inspire THOUGHTS, such as:
2 am/Just Breathe- Anna Nalick
Use Somebody- Kings of Leon
Running Up That Hill- Placebo (I actually heard this while watching wrestling! See, it all ties in my friends!)

Some are SIMPLE (with no words), such as:
Casper’s Lullaby- James Horner
O Fortuna- Carl Orff
Moment of Happiness(from Buffy)- Christophe Beck

And some REMIND ME (of certain people), such as:
Addicted- Kelly Clarkson
Music Again- Adam Lambert
Familiar Taste of Poison- Halestorm

The list goes on and on! My writing playlist currently has 250 songs in it . I hit “shuffle” and go! And then I do what a writer does… I write!

So, what songs do YOU listen to?


John said...

haha so what did you do BEFORE the dr dre headpphones???

You know me, i can go from save a horse, ride a cowboy to bodies, to techno, back to breaking benjamin =)

I have hit a Skillet kick though

Sarah said...

LOL i would ignore everyone!

Kristine said...

I am the same way. If I don't "feel" motivated, all I have to do is put on my headphones and hit my writing playlist. We only share one song in common and that's Casper's Lullaby. I found that one by accident on iTunes and it's one of my favorite writing songs. You go, girl

Sarah said...

I love love love Casper's Lullaby! LOL i bet we have more in common, i just put the ones that were at the top of my list