Saturday, March 5, 2011

Refocused and Ready to Go!

Since getting back from DFWcon, a writing conference in Dallas, I have been super motivated. Therefore I have decided three things.

1) I will be published sooner than later (mind over matter)

2) I am going to take my destiny into my own hands

3) I will post more on my blog so that everyone can follow my journey as a writer. (Look for postings three times a week, as this seems to be the magical number!)

But I will get back to these three things in a second.

Back to DFWcon. It was...amazing. I am not going to lie, I was scared about going by myself. I can be shy at times, so I have to make a conscious choice NOT to be shy. The first night I was at the hotel I was going down to the restaurant to eat and to see if I could spot other writers and *maybe* go up to them. I didn't have to go far. When I got to the elevators I met one. When we got to the restaurant we met more. And before I knew it I was meeting people! I no longer had to worry about being the wallflower in the corner of the room! YAY!

On top of meeting wonderful writers, I also was able to go to classes and learn more about the craft of writing. And believe me, it IS a craft! When the conference was over, I left feeling motivated and hyped!

So back to my three things. I am going to repeat these three things to myself everyday. And before I know it, I will be published!


Ren911 said...

Hey girl! I meant to tell you to look for my friend, Russ, there. He's the President of the DFW Writers' Group, and spent the entire weekend with his fiancee in Dallas last week. Sounds like you made some good connections, though, and picked up a lot of helpful tips. Glad you had fun; keeping you in thoughts and prayer and sending positive energy your way too! Love ya!

Sarah said...

I dont think i met him, Ren, but i did meet a ton of amazing people! I am def going back to it next year! It was worth every cent!