Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Dedicated Am I?

As I have said before, I got to a LOT of wrestling events. Mostly WWE, of course. So I started thinking… “How many shows have I been to over the years?”

Now, here is a little tidbit about me. I keep a journal, so when I go to WWE events, I usually write about it, just so I will remember. I’m not perfect and I am sure I have missed a few, but here is a little list that I came up with and some info about each event.

RAW is aired live every Monday night on USA. There is nothing quite like it because the air is static with electricity. When they go live YOU go live! You just can’t help but get into it!
I have been to: 15

Smackdown is taped every Tuesday night and then airs on Friday nights on Syfy. Smackdown is different because it is not live and there is not the same rush that comes with RAW. Its better in a way because the wrestlers seem more relaxed
I have been to: 10

PPV (pay per views)
PPV’s are obviously something that you have to pay to see on TV. The tickets for these events are usually more than a normal TV taping, but worth it. For one thing, if your seats are on the floor level within the first four row (I believe) you get to take home a souvenir chair. And, before you ask, I have some of these chairs! You ought to see the look on the airline attendants faces when you check in a metal, folding chair! PPV’s are when the wrestlers are at their very best.
I have been to: 7

House Show
A House Show is a non-televised event and, in my opinion, the BEST show to go to! Both RAW and Smackdown have house shows during the weekend and it is kind of like rehearsal or practice for the wrestlers. My favorite part is that they are more laid back and the wrestlers can goof off a little more and participate with the crowd.
I have been to: 20

A Supershow is where both RAW and Smackdown wrestlers appear at the same show. They tape Smackdown and then RAW goes live. They are fun because you get to see everyone and the show last for like five hours (towards the end, your energy is just not the same lol)
I have been to: 2

Saturday Night’s Main Event
This is a throwback to the glory days of wrestling and is almost like a PPV, but it is on regular TV, on a Saturday night.
I have been to: 1

Superstar Appearances
The WWE is really good about promoting their talent. They do this by having autograph signings where fans can meet their favorite wrestler. They are a lot of fun, most of the time.
I have been to: 11

When you add these up, I have been to roughly 66 WWE events since I was 16. Not too shabby. One of my favorite things about the wrestling community is that there are other dedicated fans who also do the same. And through wrestling we meet and become friends.

In fact, I met my Best Friend at a Supershow in Little Rock, AR, and she has been my partner in crime ever since. But, that’s another story ;)

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